Safeguards for public-private partnership assets in Nigeria: lessons from South Africa

Authors Augustine Arimoro

ISSN: 2521-2605
Affiliations: LLB Hons (Maiduguri) LLM (Derby, UK) PhD, Associate Lecturer in Law, St Mary’s University Twickenham, London, United Kingdom
Source: Journal of Comparative Law in Africa, Volume 6 Issue 2, p. 56 – 79


Countries around the world are adopting the public-private partnership model of procurement in order to bridge infrastructure gaps and to tap from private sector capital and expertise. Given the involvement of private sector funding in publicprivate partnership arrangements, the safety of investors’ assets is fundamental in order to attract both domestic and foreign investors to the public infrastructure market. This article examines the framework for the administration of the publicprivate partnership model in Nigeria with a view to determining how the law protects investors’ assets. The framework in South Africa is also examined for comparative insight. The central argument in the article is that a reliable framework that aims to ensure successful completion and management of projects in Nigeria can be achieved by taking a cue from the South African model. The article concludes with recommendations.