SV Hoctor (Editor-in-Chief); Ms L Wildenboer (Technical editor); Dr P Swanepoel; Dr J Giltaij

eISSN: 2411-7870
Years of Publication: 1993 – current (by Juta & Company since 2020)
Published: Periodical – 2 Issues/Annum
Accreditation(s): DHET; Scopus (March 2024)

About this publication

Fundamina is a peer-refereed journal that is published biannually as the mouthpiece of the Southern African Society of Legal Historians. In this journal, academics and practitioners from South Africa and abroad have the opportunity to exchange ideas on a wide range of legal-historical issues. The focus is on the ancient and modern, external and internal legal history of all families of law and is not limited to South or southern African legal history.