Neutralising the Catalysts of Terror in Asia and Africa Through Strict Regulation of Common Materials (Using India, Kenya and Nigeria as a Case Study)

Authors BB Orubebe, SM Olokooba

ISSN: 2521-2613
Affiliations: None
Source: Africa Nazarene University Law Journal, 2016, Issue 1, p. 27 – 49


The focus of this article is on a curious inadvertence omission in the counterterrorism laws and policies in Asia and Africa, with a focus on India, Kenya and Nigeria. In doing this, this article examines what constitutes ‘common materials’ and the need to strictly monitor their procurement, handling and use to prevent them from being used for purposes of terror. This article further examines the limitation in the current regulations of those materials in the countries of focus and posits that the unrestricted use of the common materials accounted for the escalated nature of terrorism in India, Kenya and Nigeria. Based on this, this article recommends among others for a robust legislative mandate to regulate those common materials. This, according to this article, will save the countries of focus and by extension the world at large from the imminent danger of terror attacks and the associated agonies of terrorism.