Tydskrif vir die Suid-Afrikaanse Reg

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Style Guide


  1. TSAR considers, after anonymous peer review, original manuscripts in Afrikaans, English or Dutch of articles, notes, discussions of case law and book reviews that have not been presented for publication elsewhere. Copyright of publications vests in the publishers.
  2. The original manuscript in TSAR style, accompanied by a copy on computer disk or compact disc or per e-mail, must be delivered to the editor. On the printed manuscript, the author should indicate against each reference with a √ that the applicable reference has been doublechecked personally at first-hand. In the event of the editorial staff having to make more than 15 style-related or spelling-related changes, the piece will be returned to the author in order to be attended to.
  3. Length: Unless agreed otherwise with the editor, articles, including footnotes, must not be longer than 9 500 words, and notes and discussions of case law, not longer than 8 000 words. Contributions of less than 4 500 words will not be considered.

Comprehensive Guide

Authors are encouraged to examine this document carefully, and to comply with its requirements. Manuscripts which do not show any attempt to comply with the house style will, regrettably, be returned to authors with a request to do so before the substance of the manuscript will be considered.