The Role of Traditional Authorities in Land Allocation and Management in Lesotho

Authors Kananelo E. Mosito KC

ISSN: 2026-8556
Affiliations: Dean, Faculty of Law, National University of Lesotho; President of the Court of Appeal of Lesotho
Source: SADC Law Journal, The, 2014/15, p. 68 – 80


This paper examines the role of chiefs in land allocation and management in Lesotho and argues that, the process of the introduction of legal dualism and attempts at unification of the legal system through legislation has not brought about the complete transformation of the role of chiefs in land allocation and management. The fundamental principles of a customary land tenure system still permeate throughout the current land tenure system, with chiefs still performing important functions. The paper suggests that improving Lesotho’s land tenure system will depend on the integration of the customary land practices and how well the Sesotho customary legal practices are harnessed and developed.