The Impact of Tax Treaties on the Promotion of FDI: the Case of Morocco

Author: Amine Doghmi

ISSN: 2709-8575
Affiliations: National Institute of Statistics and Applied Economics, Rabat, Morocco
Source: African Multidisciplinary Tax Journal, 2023 Issue 1, p. 198–212


Foreign direct investments (FDI) play a decisive role in stimulating economic growth and the socio-economic development of developing countries. Foreign investors look for states that offer an environment that is favourable to business and investment. With this in mind Morocco has adopted a policy of attracting foreign investors by reducing administrative obstacles to investment and introducing advantageous tax incentives, including the conclusion of double taxation treaties (DTT). The impact of DTTs on the promotion of FDI has given rise to some debate: the results of studies thereon have diverged, depending on the country. In the Moroccan context, the interpretation of the results of the ARDL model used in this article shows that the impact of DTTs on FDI is statistically insignificant. Consequently, the Moroccan tax authorities should start thinking about a cost-benefit analysis of these tax treaties.