Skills Development and Capacity Building within the Oceans Economy

Author Nwabisa Matoti

ISSN: 2790-783X
Affiliations: South African International Maritime Institute (SAIMI)
Source: South African Journal of Maritime Education and Training, Volume 1 Issue 1, p. 53-62


Skills development has been identified as one of the key contributors to the growth of  the oceans economy. Capacity building in terms of ensuring that there are adequate  resources, that is, human, physical and financial resources, to enhance the delivery  of skills development initiatives is critical. The skills shortage challenge in South  Africa mirrors global conditions, characterised by a mismatch between the supply  and market demand for skills. South Africa’s National Development Plan (NDP)  emphasises the need for skills development in order to enhance the economic growth  that could be brought about by an expanded skills base through better education and  vocational training. The maritime sector workforce needs to be adequately skilled  and be able to adapt to diverse environments and technological advancements.  Inroads have been made into a bid to improve skills in the maritime sector through  a number of initiatives that have been launched. This article will explore these  initiatives as well as challenges that still need to be addressed within the skills  development and capacity building focus area.