SDGs framework as the blueprint for climate change action and sustainable development in Africa: Role of law and parliamentarians

Authors MT Ladan

ISSN: 2616-8499
Affiliations: Professor of law, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria
Source: South African Journal of Environmental Law and Policy 2016, p. 159 – 207


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim at tackling key systematic barriers to sustainable development such as inequality, poverty, unsustainable consumption and production patterns, inadequate infrastructure and lack of decent jobs. The SDGs provide useful guidance for shaping law, policy and practice for implementation of effective and ambitious climate change action. Specifically, they exhort nations to share innovation and prosperity, promote global cooperation and solidarity, and ensure that equality and Climate Justice are promoted and attained. It is against this background that this paper seeks to establish a significant nexus between the SDGs, human rights and climate change; examine the role of law and parliaments in the progressive realization of the SDGs; and to conclude with some viable options for Africa.