South African Journal of Environmental Law and Policy

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Style Guide

The Editors welcome the submission of manuscripts on topics related to environmental law and policy for consideration for publication. A manuscript will be considered for publication only on the assurance that it has not in whole or in part been offered for publication or published elsewhere. Submissions are evaluated by the editors and are subjected to double-blind peer review before being accepted for publication. A submission is accepted on the basis that the Editors may alter or amend the manuscript in the interests of stylistic consistency, clarity, grammatical correctness, coherence or literary elegance.

All contributions (articles, notes, case notes) should be typewritten using a recent version of Microsoft Word and submitted via email to

Articles are any extended and detailed consideration of a topic. Preference will be given to articles which do not exceed 10 000 words (about twenty printed pages of this journal). All contributions must carry footnotes which should be numbered consecutively and appear as superscript in the text without surrounding brackets or punctuation.

Any other contributions (case notes, comments, correspondence, book reviews) ought as a general rule not to exceed 4 000 words (about eight printed pages of journal).

Contributors are requested to observe the general style of citation of publications and cases and reference to authorities followed by the South African Law Journal. Contributors are asked in particular:

– to use single quotation marks for all purposes except quotations within a quotation, where double quotation marks are used;

– to refer to previous footnotes by using the abbrevation ‘n’: eg. Smith (n5); Smith v Jones supra (n56).

– Authors of articles (as opposed to case notes, other notes or comments) are required to provide an abstract of about 250 words.

A contributor is requested to supply his/her name, university degrees, professional qualifications and professional or academic status for publication in the Journal.