Overview of the Skills Required for Marine Protection and Ocean Governance

Author Patrick Vrancken

ISSN: 2790-783X
Affiliations: Incumbent of the SARChI Chair in the Law of the Sea and Development in Africa and chair of the Phakisa MPG Lab’s capacity-building working group
Source: South African Journal of Maritime Education and Training, Volume 1 Issue 1, p. 1-8


This paper provides an overview of the skills required for marine protection  and ocean governance by focusing on five aspects on a regional basis, namely  maritime knowledge, maritime awareness, maritime safety, maritime security and  maritime integrity. It is concluded that a focus on the development and retention of  the skills required in these regards is necessary for the state to optimally govern the  South African maritime domain in the interests of all South Africans, to ensure  that South Africa protects its lawful interests on the high seas and to enable  South Africa to make its full contribution to the integrated governance of the African maritime domain.