Musings on the legal framework for resolution of foreign investment disputes in Nigeria

Author: Princess Pat Ada Ajudua

ISSN: 2521-2575
Affiliations: Legislator, Delta State House of Assembly, Asaba, Nigeria
Source: Journal of Corporate and Commercial Law & Practice, Volume 6 Issue 2, 2020, p. 251 – 259


Resolution of dispute arising from foreign investments in Nigeria is achieved through non-judicial and judicial mechanisms, otherwise known as arbitration and litigation in courts. Foreign investors are expected to seek redress using one of the aforementioned mechanisms. Although the principles of public international law seem to be in contention with the business interests of an investor and the host country, there has been a rapid growth and development in investment arbitration as a trade dispute resolution mechanism in the past years, and the courts in Nigeria, through her decisions, have made pronouncements regarding the disputes from foreign investments. Consequent to this, it has become critically important for investors, solicitors, professional service providers and trainers, to understand the intricate legal elements involved in the resolution of disputes involving foreign investment. This study examines the legal framework for resolution of foreign investment disputes in Nigeria. Concepts such as nationalisation and expropriation of foreign investments, stability clauses and foreign investment disputes, renegotiating and the stability of contractual agreement as well as legal infrastructure were discussed and fully analysed.