Law Enforcement Responses Facilitated by a Fisheries Crime Approach: The South African Example

Authors Emma Witbooi, Phil Snijman

ISSN: 2521-5442
Affiliations: PescaDOLUS International Fisheries Crime Research Initiative; Extraordinary Lecturer, Centre for Environmental Studies, University of Pretoria
Source: Journal of Ocean law and Governance in Africa (iilwandle zethu), 2017, p. 1 – 55


In line with international developments, South Africa is in the grips of recasting its understanding of illegal fishing as a potential form of fisheries crime that is frequently transnational and organised. This unlocks the use of a number of previously untapped law enforcement tools in the domestic and international criminal law and procedure sphere towards addressing the problem. This article extrapolates these tools in the context of surveying possible South African law enforcement responses relating to fisheries crime from both a legislative (theoretical) and a practical perspective with reference to recent case law trends.