La sécurite juridiqué des transferts de fonds par téléphone portable en République Démocratique Du Congo [The juridical safety of funds transfers by mobile phones]

Authors Jeremy-Walter Bulashe Ntagalanda

ISSN: 2521-2605
Affiliations: None
Source: Journal of Comparative Law in Africa, Volume 4 Issue 2, p. 174 – 183


The Congolese banking system, has been less developed and less diversified at the origin, it has strongly been degraded with political crisis persistency and economics. The emergency funds transfer system by telephone in the Democratic Republic of Congo that reveals the consequence of sub-banking of the country and the unsatisfactory of the population due to the benefit of financial short service messages. The system set by operators of mobile phones has become a helpful way that allows modest Congolese to make transfer operations and funds receiving through their mobile phones without taking into account the traditional methods of funds transfer which have been noticed unreliable and disadvantageous to that kind population. However, should we underline that this system lacks juridical safety whereas classic system of funds should be made by giving payment note to the person after having paid his/her money as proof warrant in case of misunderstanding and elsewhere there is no legislative regulation. It is therefore important to regulate for that issue.