Juta’s Insurance Law Bulletin

Style Guide

The editors welcome the submission of manuscripts in English for consideration for publication.

A manuscript will be considered for publication:

  • only on the assurance that it has not in whole or in part or in substance been published or offered for publication elsewhere
  • on the understanding that it may be submitted in confidence to an expert referee or expert referees for evaluation
  • on the understanding that the editors reserve the right to make what changes they consider desirable:
    1. to bring the manuscript into the house style of the South African Law Journal
    2. to eliminate errors of typing, grammar, syntax, punctuation, spelling, idiom and the like
    3. to eliminate ambiguity, illogicality, tautology, circumlocution and redundancy
    4. to produce accuracy and coherence
    5. to improve the mode of expression and style of writing
    6. to avoid possible criminal or civil liability.

Authors are required to read their manuscripts very carefully to avoid the need for the editors to exercise these rights extensively. Note in particular that every quotation and every reference is to be carefully checked for accuracy. The editors will try to check once more, but are not always able to do so, and accuracy is to be sought at all times.

In particular, authors are asked to acquaint themselves with the house style of the SALJ, and to make the effort to place any submission in the style of the SALJ. A comprehensive guide to what is required appears on the following web page:

Comprehensive Guide

Authors are encouraged to examine this document carefully, and to comply with its requirements. Manuscripts which do not show any attempt to comply with the house style will, regrettably, be returned to authors with a request to do so before the substance of the manuscript will be considered.