Forward Thinking for Leading Excellence in Maritime Education and Training

Author Momoko Kitada

ISSN: 2790-783X
Affiliations: World Maritime University
Source: South African Journal of Maritime Education and Training, Volume 1 Issue 1, p. 71-78


In the wake of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), maritime labour and skills  needed for the future maritime industry are in question. The role of maritime  education and training (MET) has become even more important to equip young  people with necessary skills and support the growth of maritime industries. Based on  a review of the literature on the impact of 4IR on maritime jobs, this paper proposes  a human-centred approach to design the future maritime industry with various  stakeholders. While appreciating scenario-based planning to prepare for the future,  the paper discusses how South African readiness to technology would potentially  provide an opportunity for forward thinking for leading excellence in maritime  education and training.