Do Reforms in Automation Reduce Tax Compliance Costs in Africa? A Staggered Double-Difference Approach

ISSN: 2709-8575
Source: African Multidisciplinary Tax Journal, 2024 Issue 1


This study evaluates the effect of e-taxation on the costs of tax compliance using a large sample of 53 African countries over the period 2004-2020. The econometric approach based on the staggered difference in difference estimator has allowed highlighting the causal effect. By controlling for heterogeneity and taking into account the dynamics of the effect of e-taxation, the results of the study show that e-taxation reduces the costs of tax compliance. Specifically, the e-taxation reform reduces the average number of tax payments per year in the long term. However, its effectiveness in reducing the time required to prepare and pay taxes is effective in the short and medium run. These results suggest the need to establish a rigorous system for monitoring e-taxation reforms in Africa. Innovations should accompany the reform in order to limit corrupt behaviour and bad governance.