A critical review of the powers and duties of the Namibian Law Society in respect of legal practitioners’ conduct

Author: Marvin R. Awarab

ISSN: 2521-2575
Affiliations: Lecturer, School of Law, University of Namibia
Source: Journal of Corporate and Commercial Law & Practice, Volume 7 Issue 2, 2021, p. 122 – 133


Legal practitioners practising in any jurisdiction, including Namibia, are bound by the provisions of the enabling legislation. In the Namibian context, legal practitioners operate under the Legal Practitioners Act 15 of 1995 read together with the Rules of the Law Society of Namibia. The Law Society of Namibia has the mandate to ensure that the legal practitioners conduct is in line with the law and to investigate allegations of any legal practitioners breach of duty. All legal practitioners operating in private practice have a legal obligation to open and operate two bank accounts, namely a business bank account and a trust bank account. Any violation of the law in respect of the keeping of business and trust bank accounts may invite s 31 consequences. This article therefore provides a critical review of the powers and duty of the Law Society in intercepting legal practitioners trust accounts. Furthermore, the article provides an overview of the statutory-based conduct of legal practitioners in managing trust accounts and the functionality of the Namibian Law Society Fidelity Fund.